Mr. Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” dictates raising the bar for any Christian play or Biblical drama. offers dynamic choices for your drama special.

1. Custom scripts are available for your Christmas or Easter Pageant. The process revolves around your music choices and local talent.

Mac’s specialties are:
a. First person narratives telling the story from an eye witness perspective. This can be a specific Bible character, (Simon Peter, Nicodemus, the Innkeeper…) or an omniscient narrator that moves in and out of the scenes.
b. Multi-character vignettes capturing specific events in first person dramatic sketches. For instance; the harlot, the manger, Joseph and Mary finding Jesus in the temple.

2. Existing Pageant narrations are readily available from past year Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageants that Mac has scripted. These are primarily first person Simon Peter and include narratives from the manger, ministry (healings), Passion week, Lord’s supper, pre and post-crucifixion, tomb and resurrection, etc. And, each are revisable for your specific needs. Past Pageant DVD’s recordings are available for $20.00