Christian Actor Mac McConnell presents Bible Story Dramas and Plays for Church Outreach and Evangelism
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The result of sincere exploration of the life and times of Jesus
and the historical background of the occupations and life styles
of Bible characters are presented in one-man plays and dramas for church outreach.

Mac began scripting for the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant, the potential of presenting one-man Bible drama as a Bible Actor, could not be suppressed, although unique among other Christian actors. The search for scripts led Mac to attempt writing his own Christian drama “The Gospel According to Simon Peter.” A modest beginning, but the acceptance was immediate. Now there are six Christian dramas ranging from 25 minutes to 90 minutes as featured in Todays Christian - Miami Herald and The Sun-Sentinel. Each Biblical play is packed with truth, packed
with surprises, packed with humor and packed with truth and relevance of God's word for today’s world. 

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Why I do what I do

I was mesmerized. Captivated. I hated that it came to an end. I never heard spiritual stuff that way, in fact, it sure didn’t sound like the Bible at all. It certainly didn’t sound like a sermon or even a Sunday school lesson. It sounded real and important and exciting…did I mention real?

The year was 1989. The place was the Ft. Lauderdale Christmas Pageant, and the narrator was the associate pastor, but he didn’t sound like any pastor I had ever heard. He became my drama mentor which ultimately led me to full time ministry as a Bible actor to over a million folks all across America and even “on location” in Israel and Greece. I also inherited and remain the narrator for that pageant which has won three Emmys and seen live by 40,000 annually and millions in 27 countries, and recently featured in a, God-honoring article about the pageant and this ministry.

In searching for material I was disappointed with the scripts I found – they were trite or clicheish – or just too preachy. With enormous doubt I began my own scripting, but what I discovered revolutionized the way I read and studied the Bible. To write scripts for a first-person characterization it was necessary to read the bible from a first person perspective. BAM! The Bible exploded in my imagination. Just like a novel, I felt it, heard it, saw it and experienced everything I read, and that is exactly what it should do, but too often it doesn’t, because it’s a “Bible study” instead of an adventure. That was the revelation that completely changed the way I read the Bible, and eventually led me to write my first historical novel, Forever Changed why a nice Jewish boy would grow up and become a despised tax collector in 1st century Jerusalem.

With over 900 performances to over 1 million in audiences from churches, schools, prisons, youth camps and retreats, is reaching and touching lives for all eternity with one-man Christian dramas and plays performed by Mac McConnell.