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  Best of Ft. lauderdale for Bible Actor
  for the second year; 2009-2016

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What Today's Christian Magazine, Miami Herald and The Sun-Sentinel say.

What Others Say

No one could know how much work you put into your dramas to make them seem so effortless and real. You are an inspiration.
Tim Donoho
In 27 years of prison ministry, I don't recall seeing a standing ovation in prison -- until today.  Thank you so much for your usual excellent presentation.  The men of Everglades C.I. loved you, and I never tire of watching you perform. I wish we could have you at every seminar.
Blessngs, Earle Dale, Prison Fellowship
You have been given a gift for drawing the reader to another place and time and getting involved with the character's lives. I think you were even more electrifying this year and it seemed brand new,  Bravo!'

Richard & Nancy Barnard

"Mac McConnell and script achieve a remarkable fluidity that moves this great historical drama until the viewer becomes involved in its sincerity...this is a one man Passion Play."
Bill Von Maurer, theater critic Miami Herald
"Mac was able to captivate the attention of 700 campers with over 70 who accepted
Christ as Savior"
Pastor Will "Dubs" Byers, EdD
I know beyond a doubt you will be blessed by this incredible ministry.
Dr. O.S. Hawkins,CEO Annuity Board of the Southern Baptist Convention (800) 262 0511
Mac McConnell is an experienced actor and master storyteller. He has been writing, telling and dramatizing stories on stage for many years and because of the incredible passion he has, whatever character he chooses to portray or whoever's story he chooses to tell, it burst to life before your eyes. Gig Graham
I have used Mac McConnell and his ministry many times over the years including our concert series, special events and his Passion Play on Easter Sunday. I recommend Mac and his ministry enthusiastically and welcome your call that I may endorse him personally.
John Wilson, Senior Music Minister
He is shockingly gifted, extremely winsome and deeply committed, I wholeheartedly recommend the ministry of One Way Productions.
Jess Moody, TBN
"Our members were blessed by your dramatic presentation"
Beverly LaHaye, Concerned Women for America
Mac touched the very issues with which Scripture confronts modern man."
Pastor,  Calvary Chapel, Pompano, FL (954) 977-9673
"Mac, your choreography and blocking, so natural; your voice changes, your range, and timely asides to the audience, all done with such effortlessness. We were mesmerized. A Wonderful Easter Play."
Arnie Warren, radio announcer/commercial actor
Your performance those two days was nothing short of inspiring. Those kids could really relate to you.
Bob Braun, camp counselor
I was touched by your superb portrayal of a man encountering the Lord. Your play made the Gospels come alive in a human illustration.
David Spellman, Director, Covenant House of Florida
"The audience was laughing with you one moment and spellbound the next. You clearly brought us face to face with the Savior."
Pastor Larry L. Thompson
"You are equipped with enormous talents. I praise God for the generous way you share them."
Pastor Ron Mansdoerfer, Ocean City Baptist, Ocean City, NJ 
"Thanks for making Simon so human and Jesus so real."
Rev. Bob Shelton, Northwest Baptist, Oklahoma City, OK