Award winning Christian narrator Mac McConnell directs Bible drama and plays with 23 years experience at the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant.

For Christmas / Easter Pageant, Dinner Theater or drama special

Sometimes you just need that extra something or someone to zap your pageant or drama special into the next level. Mac McConnell has spent 20 years with one of the largest Christmas Pageants in the world, but it didn’t start that way. As with most “big” things in life, the building process yields valuable experience. And most importantly, it is not the size of the presentation, but the quality that will be treasured.

During those 15 years, Mac has scripted and performed as narrator of the Fort Lauderdale Christmas Pageant performing to some half million. But, and perhaps more importantly, Mac has written and performed one-man dramas since 1990 in 700 performances with thousands of decisions for Christ. In addition, Mac is called on for that final dress rehearsal week to work with directors and squeeze every ounce of excitement into (or is that out of?) Christmas/Easter Pageants and drama specials.

Having developed the drama workshop “Acting Naturally” and master class sessions, Mac has pulled from dozens of resources and experience that are invaluable to insure Christian plays and Biblical Drama are at the level your members and visitors should expect.

The earlier the involvement the better of course, but last minute “emergencies” can be accommodated. The only hurdle into bringing in an “outsider,” is to insure the “outsider” transitions into the group as quickly as possible to establish a high-energy relationship.

Also, Mac has written umpteen custom scripts and dramas that could be customized for your use. Please see Scripts/Narrations

Mac is ALSO available for booking as narrator for your Christmas / Easter Pageant. This may include his personal scripts or yours. This will require Mac being on location for at least two dress rehearsals. Again his specialty is first person eyewitness accounts. You may also want to consider a combination of
Drama Director and performer.