Award winning Christian Actor Mac McConnell presents Bible Story Drama


I have an allegiance to narrations, pageants and to narrators. I have a real problem with talking heads. A narrator's job is to engage, surprise and basically to pull the audience, stretching their imaginations
until they fee
l personally involved in every scene. Article from Miami Herald. 
I would be happy to talk pageant anytime. Christmas and Easter bookings are prime so please contact soon.We should also  discuss my one-man passion play, "The  Gospel According to Simon Peter."


I began my drama ministry as a result of the opportunity to narrate in the passion act of the Emmy Award winning Ft. Lauderdale Christmas Pageant.
When I began to script the narrations a whole new Bible experience opened up to me because for the very first time I began reading the scriptures first person. I began narrating first person - mostly as Simon Peter - and I started to "become" him making the narration completely personal. The audience kept saying, "I fell like I know Simon." and that is the way I felt. Article from Miami Herald.                             

I have an allegiance to pageant narrations and would enjoy working with you on your project. I do not write dramas or plays, there are lots out there to pick from, just not my thing. I will work from your music selections and speaking cast. I don't believe in a large speaking cast to deliver the message effectively, but will be happy to discuss your thoughts and needs at anytime. In fact just call I love pageant talk. (954) 680 9095 -

I do have most of my past narrations from the Ft.Lauderdale Christmas Pageant readily available.