Award winning Christian Actor Mac McConnell pr
esents Bible Story Dramas for Church Outreach and Evangelism

Mac McConnell and One Way Drama offers one-man Biblical dramas from 25 to 75 minutes in length. You may see Mac anywhere from 3,000 seat auditoriums to local prisons or youth camps or dinner theaters or woman's groups or even on tour in Greece, Jerusalem, Turkey or Rome impersonating Simon Peter, St. Paul or Zacchaeus to name a few. Sign up for E-News
As of Jan 1st, 2014 BibleActor.comis now operating as faith based ministry, offering some performances on an "As the Lord leads basis" plus expense where necessary.
*(Except for Christmas and Easter seasons)
Acts 3:6 - "Simon Peter said, "Silver or gold I have none, but what I do have I freely give."

I'd be happy to discuss with you what you hope to see from having drama at your church, summer camp, dinner theater, men's retreat or special event. Then we can decide together the best play for you. I talk drama most anytime. - (954) 804-2020

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NEWEST DRAMA: "From the Cradle to through Cross"
45 - 55 minis.
Set and props from minimal to as much as you care to provide. Includes custom sound efx.
The new drama is a compilation of pageant style narrations then morphs into Simon Peter for the rest of the story. It sure covers a lot of ground including miracles, Sermon on the Mount, Passion Week, the denial, crucifixion, and empty tomb. This presentation works perfectly for Easter or Christmas (other times too) and can be combined very nicely with your concert to make for a special outreach. As either a bare bones one-man drama or a feature event with lighting and special effects, the Gospel is clearly presented as most have never experienced. Mac is available as creative director for a complete package. Great for one, two or three performances which will greatly impact your outreach. 

 Forever Changed, Zacchaeus like you've never seen him.
 Most requested - great pulpit filler and "bring-a-friend day." 
35 minutes - Costume
 Very minimum set.

Forever Changed answers the important question, "what would make a crusty tax collector go out on a limb to meet the latest in a long line of would be messiahs?" This may seem like a fractured Bible story while it mixes outrageous humor, engages the audience, but presents undeniable evidence of a changed life. This play is the most requested and fits perfectly in your morning worship service. It is a favorite for bring-a-friend day, summer camps and prison ministries, (no connection intended).

 The Gospel According to Simon Peter (GASP)
 60 - 90 minutes
 Minimum set required from host
 Includes custom sound efx.

The Gospel According to Simon Peter (AKA What About You?) was the first drama I wrote and performed in 1990. Dubbed a one-man passion play by theater critic for the Miami Herald. Peter was instantly my alter ego - we both have foot-in-mouth disease. The drama begins at the Sea of Galilee with a net full of fish and ends right back there with the same results. In between there are highlights to the three year ministry of Jesus in Act I and then Passion week in Act II. There are opportunities for local "Disciples" to participate in the feeding of the five thousand and the Lord's Supper. With many costume additions and a miracle or two along the way, GASP is robust, challenging, and favorite for feature a presentation.


 45 minutes
 Full costume
 Set required from host (easy to provide from your fellowship)

Most would agree, they never expected to have this much fun in church. Nicodemus is hilarious. He's a curmudgeon that tells it like it is, but can't deny there is something about this so-called messiah. It all take place in his study as he studies the scripture that point right to this time, this place, and this man. He risk it all to see for himself and is the first man in history to hear what we take for granted. Here's the perfect dinner theater and perfect outreach opportunity.

 Joseph, The Unexpected Father
 25 minutes
 Full Costume
 No set required, or as much as you want.

oe was a man's man faced with the worst circumstance, "I'm pregnant, and the baby is not yours." It took an angel from God to keep Joe from turning in his Mary and abandoning any idea of going ahead with the marriage. It was probably a quiet wedding, but his life was far from uneventful from there on out. This is a great story for a men's conference or Christmas presentation. Joseph can easily be complimented with with music, lends itself nicely to "Mary did you know," and Joseph's song by Michael Card. As Joe, I'm in contemporary carpenter garb and typically pop up from the audience for a little suprise beginning.