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  Dove Foundation Award.          Book of the Year Finalist

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Best Biblical Fiction Ever; Mac McConnell captures the heart and mind of his readers and places them right into the time and circumstance of his characters. You are transported to Bethlehem in "Joseph", "Bozra" and "Hadad", becoming a part of their lives -- almost smelling the sheep and the stable! The book goes so quickly that you are hungry for more when you're finished. All Mac's books are must reads and fabulous gifts for the reader on your gift list.
Jan Dean
I finished "Joseph" a few days ago and I really enjoyed it! It was really thought provoking. I'm looking forward to going through my biblical atlas and finding the various landmarks mentioned. I learned a lot from this novel. I enjoyed reading the story of Mary and Joseph's courtship. I knew Mary was a teenager, but I really hadn't thought about their courtship from an older Joseph's perspective. I enjoyed learning about carpenters from that era. I hadn't thought about Joseph creating Jesus' crib. It would have been one of his finest works. I loved the truth about our choice to choose our reputation and that we should always do our very best. I liked learning about the Jewish traditions of betrothal. I enjoyed the story about Joseph having to ask Mary's parents for her hand in marriage. I enjoyed learning about the Jewish marriage ceremony and it's traditions. I hadn't thought about Mary and Joseph's journey to Bethlehem and why it took so long. I liked the point that of them being called for God's purpose and how many things went wrong. I hadn't thought about the innkeeper and the reasons why he or his wife didn't help this mother who was going to give birth in their stable. I liked all the stories of how God confirmed that this was His work and plan through Simeon at the temple, the shepherds, etc. I hadn't thought of it from Mary and Joseph's perspective, they didn't see the Heavens open and the angels appear. They just saw this group of smelly men who came to visit them with this amazing story. I loved "an angle's instruction" That's why we named him Yeshua. I enjoyed learning the Jewish traditions of purification and circumcision. I liked learning more about the Jewish temple. I thought that the stories about Jesus as a toddler in the Temple were precious. I look forward to reading book #2 and their stories of Egypt! Great book Mac!! Thanks! I'm so glad that I got to read this before Christmas. Katy Peterson

I read “JOSEPH” yesterday – all in one evening. Couldn’t put it down. As fascinating are the rest of your books, this is the best yet – inspirational, thoughtful – packed with subtle (and not so subtle) symbolism. I truly felt I was there, and have a refreshed awareness of the reality of the GREATEST STORY ever told. Thank you. Gail Bennett


"Oct 15th can not come soon enough! I want to read more! Wonderful is not enough to describe your excerpt. You certainly have a way with words. God has blessed you with such talent. Thank you for taking on the assignment from God to write these books. Looking forward to seeing you in May! [at performance NYC]"  RE


I read both of these books and enjoyed both of them to the max!  You have been given a gift for drawing the reader to another place and time and gettting involved with the character's lives.  It was good to see you in the Ft. Lauderdale Christmas pageant again.  I think you were even more electrifying this year and it seemed brand new,  Bravo!'
                                                                        Richard & Nancy Barnard
Just as Mac brings characters to life on the stage, he transforms the written word into another won't want an intermission!
Janet Folger, Speaker/Author True to Life, President

The reader plunges into the head and heart of Zacchaeus and has an encounter that changed his life. I recommend you read—and re-read this little volume.
Terry Whalin, Whalin Literary Agency

Mac McConnell is an experienced actor and master story teller. He has been writing, telling and dramatizing stories on stage for many years and because of the incredible passion he has, whatever character he chooses to portray or whoever's story he chooses to tell, it burst to life before your eyes. You will laugh and cry as you identify with the characters in this powerful journey.
Gigi Graham author/speaker

This is a must read! If you love Swindoll and the word pictures that he uses in his writing you will LOVE this book. It is practical, applicable and a very easy read. Great for devotional gifts to friends.
Dr. Larry Thompson, Pastor, FBC Ft. Lauderdale

I have watched Mac perform for years and been mesmerized by his contagious passion. As I read his first book I found myself laughing out loud and then warmed to my core at his uncanny ability to draw me into each character.
Dr. Bob Barnes. Author, speaker,
founder of Sheridan House for boys and girls.

Ever read the story of Zacchaeus in the New Testament and wondered about his life before this tax collector met Jesus Christ? It is this "what if" question which Mac McConnell answers with FOREVER CHANGED, A JOURNEY INTO JERICHO.
Mac has done it again!! What he does like no other on stage, he now has done on paper. You feel as if you are living in the scene as Mac unfolds the drama, beauty and excitement of ancient history. What a joy it is to recommend Forever Changed, as a must read.
Tony Hammon, Author, Bone of my Bones.

Mac has remarkable ability to transform one-dimensional literary characters into three-dimensional human beings.
Chaplain Robert Miller, Bridgewater College.

"Mac's dramas are captivating and his novel, "Forever Changed" kept me turning pages until I was sorry it ended. An easy, must read, definitely a home run."
Brian Doyle, MVP 1978 World Series

This book transposes the reader to another time. Easy reading yet rich and moving. Taste the honey, sense the harlot and hear the message of hope. A stangely delightful combination. You will think about it long after you turn the last page. I will give it as a gift to the men in my family, but the ladies will want to read it too!
Linda Sykes

I thoroughly enjoyed your book... definitely food for thought in many ways, As you know I am very involved with abused children, I am also trying to "mentor" if that is the word a 23 year old young man in prison, Your book sheds another light on life.
Cindi Elias (Jewish)

“Forever Changed” is a book you'll want to keep to read again and again, and share with friends, relatives, neighbors, business associates and others. It's a message of hope...for all of us.
Dick Kip

I enjoyed reading this book. It was thoroughly engrossing. I can’t wait for his nest book! Kirk Colford

“Forever Changed” is a great read, causes the reader to think and leaves the reader excitedly waiting for Mac McConnell's book number 2!!!
Vicki Rose

I don't normally read on airplane flights because I expect that I can't really get into anything interesting in the time available. But, this was a book I knew I could read on the coming flight schedule. Almost immediately, I felt I was immersed in the mind of this character. His inner thoughts were revealed in a kind of poetry Mr. McConnell used as he wrote this book.

When a person is only known by several lines in a historical book, this "Changed" book helps you to imagine what they were as a real person. My airplane flight gave me insight into Zaccheus' life.
Joe Dunfee

There are several reasons I really loved this book. The size of the book told me right away that I could read it in one or two sittings (which I did), and it is the perfect gift-sized book. The author has taken a real Biblical event and created a clever and creative story to weave around it.

The author's style of writing is one of the reasons it is so easy to read and grasp his intent. You can almost see the events happening and hear the conversations and especially get a glimpse of what this Jewish man might have been thinking. I loved it and would definitely consider giving this book as a gift. It has a powerful message wrapped up in a delightful story. He indicates that several similar stories will follow...If the next stories are as interesting and powerful, I would love to have a collection of these little books on my bookshelf.
Sandi Powell

“Forever Changed” is a tiny book with a powerful message. It is the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector. Mac McConnell has written a wonderful book that will take the reader into the life of Zacchaeus. We can all be “Forever Changed!” It is a great inspirational gift to share with your friends and family. I am looking forward to the next book to make a wonderful collection!!!
Debbie Kip