Cradle to Cross Trilogy available October 2009
three lives – three paths – three choices - one decision
Now available for $0.99 each on Kindle

This three year project is complete, well almost, street date for Joseph is October 15th. I have decided to package Bozra, The Shepherds' Journey - Hadad, The Innkeeper's Journey with Joseph, The Father's Journey in a custom slipcase to offer as a set and perhaps a great gift item as well - sure hope you think so too.

                                  Cradle to Cross Trilogy
                                     ISBN 9780980045161
                $12.95 ea - $29.95 for Cradle to Cross Trilogy set

Joseph, The Father's Journey

Suspense, murder, romance and more from the tale of an unexpected father, to say the least. Joseph, the Father’s Journey completes Bible actor Mac McConnell’s Cradle to Cross trilogy, joining Hadad and Bozra.  Betrothed and yet betrayed. “Joseph, I’m pregnant and the child is not yours.” The words that ring in his ears all his waking hours. So what does he say? “Where I come from this stinks worse than pigs. In fact where I come from I have the right, every right to drag her before the council and recommend she be stoned to death. But, who am I fooling? I love her, I would never… but soon everyone will know. She’s showing already. Rumors will be all over town. I will be the laughingstock. First she says yes, then she leaves for three months, and now I’m supposed to believe the wildest story of all.” See Excerpt from Joseph.

Bozra, The Shepherd's Journey

A shepherd boy, asleep on the job misses a big one. Angels. Angels announce the birth of the Messiah in Bethlehem. Bozra begs off going to see for himself, hoping to prove himself a worthy shepherd. When he hears of angels, he begins to wonder, "What have I done?" This haunts him as he misses chance after chance, but along the way he meets the royalty who came to see too. He barely escapes the slaughter in Bethlehem and wonders if he will ever meet Yeshua. He never quits seeking and finally one day, some thirty years later, in the Holy City...but you will have to read the story yourself now won't you? See See excerpt from Bozra 

Hadad, The Innkeeper's Journey

He's known as the innkeeper but prefers barkeep. Although Hadad is thrilled with a packed inn and thirsty customers he is not the least bit interested in a knock on the door hours after closing. He knew it was a mistake to open the door. A dusty traveler, a droopy donkey and a very pregnant woman. "Follow me," he moans and leads out back to the barn. "A stinking stable, this must be a joke." Joseph protests. "Anyplace, Joseph, anyplace," Mary manages to say. The crusty barkeep bids goodnight, but begins to cherish this little boy and industrious family. Hadad fears the worst when soldiers massacre the baby boys. When rumors fly Hadad wonders if any of it matters at all. Will he seek the truth? Will you? See Excerpt from Hadad.