Title: The Isle of Eden
Author: Kay Dorenbos
Pages: 284
Size: 6 x 9
Binding: Paper Back
ISBN:  978-1936459018
Price: $14.95 Retail

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Product Description

A plane crash, an exotic island, a Polynesian beauty. Will the marooned pilot stay in Paradise with the woman he loves, or return to the real world to save his dying brother? Due to injuries sustained in the crash, a handsome young pilot is detained in this tropical "Garden of Eden" until his injuries heal. While there, he is escorted around this sinless island by his beautiful Polynesian nurse, Rachel, who tries to convince him to put his trust in the Lord and live forever in Paradise. But Bryan has been disappointed by God in the past, and is reluctant to commit his life to the Lord, which is a requirement for staying on the island. In a light and romantic style, this fast-paced Christian fantasy deals with some universal questions that have plagued mankind since the beginning of time: How can I trust a God I cannot see? and Why do bad things happen to good people? Bryan is forced to experience some deep soul-searching before making his final decision: "to stay, or not to stay." This clever tale is an imaginative speculation of what the world might have been like if mankind had never sinned. MORE

About the Author

Kay Dorenbos is an imaginative writer who has always been interested in the fascinating mysteries of God. For over thirty years, she has lead adult Bible Studies, women's Bible study groups, and marriage retreats. She is the mother of three grown children, Val, Ken, and Steve; and the grandmother of three grand-children, Brittanie, Brandon, and Alex. She lives and thrives on the beautiful Atlantic coast of South Florida, where she gets her inspiration for the exotic tropical scenes in her book. MORE